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When can you move two pieces in a game of chess? Only when castling! Learn this special move of the king and rook in our latest chess lesson!

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  1. I have been playing chess for a month and I always had the question if I am able to castle in case one of my pawns has already moved forward or been captured but without the rook or the king having moved.

  2. A newbie question: I've played 2 matches against my cousin and in both of them he swap the King and the Queen (they were beside each other) to each others squares, is that a legal move or was he cheating?

  3. Ive always been confused on ing i thought it was 2 moves but thanks for helping me

  4. I didn’t know you couldn’t castle when you’ve moved your king, huh as an international master you could learn basics everyday

  5. 1:47 That only applies to an automatic castle. When the King was at f2, white could simply do Rf1, and then Kg1 on the next move to castle manually.

  6. If you are in check for example by the queen vertically, and none of the other squares are being attacked if you were to castle, then castling should be legal in terms of getting out of check and the fact that it isn’t or that there is no logical explanation as to why you can’t do this is dumb.

  7. When i heard this rule i thought why anyone want to do that it doesnt look stronger😅

  8. In my playing experience I'd say in some certain cases i don't think castling is always good cause your king can get trapped in the corner with a series of combinations by the opponent specially if his/her rook, bishop, specially the queen are still in the game. In most games castling is not really mandatory to allow enough space for your king to move freely and avoid capture. I have had several games where often i find my king trapped and mated in the corner after i have castled.

  9. I'm here because I just gave my opponent a free checkmate. Because I didn't know how castling works.

  10. I started playing chess at school, and was taught by a fabulous teacher ( Mr Broadbent ) I am now 60 years old, and I guess my teacher isn't with us anymore. But I thank him so much for teaching me this fabulous game. I got as high as playing for Manchester ( on the school chess team ) and our number one player a girl called Valerie Whitehouse. I could never beat her , she was fantastic at chess.
    What a beautiful game. The youngsters in primary school now
    Should be taught the fabulous game.

  11. I've been playing chess a long time, and I never bothered to learn this move lol.. but my opponents always use it… maybe I will start as well now

  12. I've always thought you move the king over three squares when castling queenside. 😲

  13. Imma troll the crap out of my classmates at the next chess lesson,then show them this video

  14. I've just recently got into chess and this completely changes the game for me. I thought it was called en pass but I guess that's something else.

  15. I'm hosting a chess tournament in my class, and I'm not sure if I should allow castling or not. Any ideas?

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